Clint and Julie’s Wedding at West Tower Hotel, Ormskirk

Julie & Clint contacted us about their wedding at West Tower Hotel in Ormskirk a liiiitle last minute- well, 6 days before the wedding day to be precise! Luckily we were available with it being held on a Thursday and managed to get them out of a pickle as they had been left photographer-less at short notice (so obviously in a bit of a panic and the second time in a week we had stepped in when an amateur photographer had let someone down!). We were very kindly recommended by some of Julie & Clint’s guests- a lovely couple who also attended Gem and Ken’s wedding, which you can find here on the blog. To be completely honest, it didn’t take much to get gorgeous photos of Julie as she’s a beautiful young women to start off with- made our job so easy! & Clint being the handsome chap that he is also contributed to the awesomeness of the photos.

We photographed some of the preparations and getting ready shots in the beautiful suite in West Tower-what a gorgeous setting it was! There was just so much to see and me & Tim had tonnes of ideas for photos when we had a scoot round the grounds. I stayed with the girls getting ready and Tim went down to see Clint for a short while. When he came back up he said to me on the sly “Clint looks really cool, nice suit and everything!”. This makes us super happy when we have a stylish groom as the guy’s suit can really make a difference to the overall feel of the images.

The moment then came to put down the champers, put on the dress and….. get married!! I popped down to photograph at the front of the ceremony and to capture the pair’s reaction when they saw each other for the first time as Julie walked down the Isle. It was such a special moment. There were some top tunes playing too, a bit of Paul Weller and The Doors- some of my favourites! There was definitely a hint of Mod cool at this wedding for sure. The ceremony took place outdoors which was so nice, especially with the weather being absolutely amazing (baking hot and sunny…. in September?! Crazy!).

After the ceremony we took the couple around the grounds for some of the shots we’d planned in our minds before the ceremony. They did superb, taking direction really well and just throwing themselves into whatever weird and wonderful things we asked them to do! That’s really the key to getting awesome shots, just to go for it- what’s the worst that can happen?

We then grabbed the bridesmaids and groomsmen for some styled group shots. We were keen to get a little humour in here somewhere as Clint & Julie were full of laughs and we could see they had a great sense of humour themselves. After these shots, it was speech time! There were some cheeky and hilarious stories told by the best man and a really lovely heartfelt speech to Julie by Clint which made my eyes well up a little (again…. I’m such a softie when it comes to weddings!!).

Next…. PARTY TIME! Xander and the Peace Pirates were the band for the evening and they were absolutely top banana. They knew how to work a crowd for sure and their musicianship was amazing. They are regulars at the Cavern Club, so it must be a whole different vibe at someone’s wedding, however they were very charismatic and put on a great show. Clint’s Dad’s dancing was a proper treat too- very….. what’s the word….. abstract? Enthusiastic? Awesome?…. Actually, let’s go with all 3!

All in all we have a tip top time at Clint & Julie’s wedding and we wish them a Ginormous Congratulations & all the best for the future you gorgeous pair 🙂

Love n’ stuff x


(Post written by Bekka, images by Tim & Bekka)


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  • Julie & Clint RileyOctober 6, 2014 - 5:40 pm

    Wow…the day came flooding back, along with all the emotions. Beautiful.