Richard and Linda’s Wedding at Wrenbury Hall, Cheshire


Linda & Richard are highly valued clients of ours and it was an honour to be chosen to photograph their gorgeous wedding at Wrenbury Hall in Cheshire. They are a local couple to us and we have met them a few times (including a tuition session Tim did with Rich where he took some fab photos, the couple are on Honeymoon on Safari and wanted to make sure they got some great photographs) therefore, their wedding felt very warm and friendly to us, all the guests were laid back and really welcoming which helped us relax quickly into the wedding photography.
We started out shooting bridal preparation shots and video of Linda at Wrenbury Hall, firstly getting her hair done in ‘The Salon’ and then onto her bridal suite where her make-up was done, finishing touches were added and then of course she got into her amazing, lace fishtail dress with crystal embellishments- it had a definite vintage glamour charm about it for sure. Needless to say, she looked absolutely glowing and picture perfect! The rest of the bridal party who we had been photographing and videoing in the morning also looked beautiful and the whole party complimented each other so well.
The ceremony was in a very grand nearby church, and the super strong connection between Linda and Rich was so evident and lovely to watch- we noticed that they kept doing things in sync (like laughing and looking away at exactly the same time in exactly the same way)!
We all headed back to Wrenbury hall after a few group shots at the church, where we got some awesome couples shots of Rich & Linda together. We got so stuck right in to this portrait session, Tim even ended up climbing a tree (risking life and ‘limb’…. it’s all part of the job 😉 )! Linda & Rich were amazing, taking our direction so so well and coming up with fab poses of their own- it was a very successful collaboration we thought.
 The images were also enhanced by the stunning surroundings at Wrenbury hall. This was our first wedding here and we have definitely been missing out. What a fantastic venue! There was lots to see and we were surrounded by the most fabulous grounds full of wildlife and nature and beautiful flowers adorning the gardens.
Onto the reception room for food, speeches and more laughs to be had. The tables were beautifully decorated in wild flower style arrangements and centre pieces, with each table being named (alongside a photographic montage!) after the couples’ favourite pubs around the world! A few of them we noticed were some of our own locals, so we are hoping to bump into Rich & Linda there in the future (we know where you drink…. there’s nowhere to hide! haha). In fact a conversation with Rich was had at the end of the evening that went a little something like “Rich, we’ve decided you can only have your wedding images back if you both go for a drink with us sometime”, of course we were joking but still hope to meet up with the pair for a bevy or two in the near future 🙂
After capturing the lovely decor and the speeches, we got some incredible fashion style portraits of Linda in the grand Hall on the ornate furniture. These are some of our favourite ever portrait-style shots of a bride that we have taken so far!
Next was the madness that was the Photo Booth. Unsurprisingly, the guests had a blast and dived right into the props, posing in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways for the images to then be stuck into the guest book for the newlyweds to laugh back on.
We are so glad to have photographed this super special day in our signature style and to have provided Rich & Linda with images which they can cherish and look back on forever. What a fantastic day (and amazing weather, too).
The two lovebirds are currently on Safari before doing some more galavanting in the sun for their Honeymoon, so we wish them the best time and are incredibly jealous.
Lots of love to you both and the biggest CONGRATULATIONS ever!
Look out for the video, coming soon.




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  • July 11, 2014 - 8:41 am

    Anne HALL - You have captured the day beautifully, I look forward to seeing the rest of the photo’s. Excellent. Anne Hall (Richard’s mum)

  • July 18, 2014 - 5:52 am

    cakeheavy59 - Hi Anne! Glad you like them and we can’t wait to show you all the rest. What a fab couple!
    Best Wishes,

    Bekka Simpson
    Tim Simpson Photography

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