I pride myself on having the minimum impact on your day, to get the shots without taking up your precious time. The day just flies by and you don’t need to be away from your guests for hours whilst the photographer contorts you into embarrassing awkward poses. I love what I do and this is always reflected in the way I interact with you and your guests. I have an awful lot of people say that having me there was just like having a guest there and that’s exactly what I need to get those magical moments only a wedding can provide.

I can only be part of 20 wedding stories each year, I wish I could do more but I feel this is the amount I need to do to stay fresh and to give each couple the attention that they deserve. I really do my homework on what each couple wants from their photography. I visit the venue before each wedding and have some shots in mind already before we start.

“We’ve had so many positive comments about how lovely and fun you guys were – one guest said “I’ve never known a wedding photographer to be so happy and friendly  -they’re usually surly beasts”! :D”

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