Light Painting Photography



Art is not what you see, but what you make others see- Edgar Degas



Light painting is a photographic  technique  performed in the dark using different kinds of light sources. Its a unique opportunity to let your creative side run free.   We use an  array of torches, flashes with coloured gels, sparklers and spectacular burning wire wool. Its a 3d blank canvas for you to explore. We guarantee fun and amazement as you see your creation.

These  images have  been used for advertising/promotional material, band shots and community arts. There is no Photoshop used on these images, they are right out of the camera, which makes them really special.

We have performed light painting workshops at  Manchester Art Gallery, alongside  International Digital artist Lorenzo Rafael – Hemmer and at other large music festivals such as The Big Chill and Digital Arts Festivals.We have also been invited to take Part in Kendal Calling Festival.


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  • Painting with Light | Ashley TurnerFebruary 16, 2016 - 5:59 pm

    […] Tim Simpson Photography  in the United KingdomTim Simpson was one of the first photographers I cam cross when looking for examples of painting with light. One of my favorite things about this image is that it adds imagination to this beautiful picture of this pond. While searching for photos that uses the technique of painting with light, most of the images were of objects in motion the light source was obviously moving. What makes this image even more fantastic is the fact that the lines of the sea monster are clean and the animal is clearly not moving. After trying to shoot images using the painting with light technique and realizing how difficult it is, I am very impressed with this photograph and the fact that Simpson was able to capture this image. Tim Simpson’s work inspires me to use my imagination and to create images that have never been created before. […]