About Tim

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

About me: Hello there I’m Tim




I’m never happier that when I have a camera in my hand, I love art but can’t really draw very well so photography is my creative outlet and my way of expression. The joy a great set of wedding images gives makes me very happy. I have just been awarded included in the very popular Zank You Wedding blog and magazines “Top 10 Photographers of 2018”. Also I’ve been awarded “2016 +2017 Wedding Photographer of the Year” by the IPPN who are a body of industry professionals so that was a pretty fab end to last year. This Year I have also been a finalist, chosen from over 1500 submitted images in “The Worlds Top 10 Photographers” voted by OneEyeland.

I specialise in alternative, innovative and elegant Reportage Wedding Photography. I take great pride in capturing those special, once in a lifetime moments for you to cherish, and turning these moments into beautiful visual memories- & of course I do this in our own unique and innovative way! I don’t look at other wedding photographers for influences, I take inspiration from art, fashion, film and advertising . My style is not for everyone, I’d go as far as to say it’s only for a small cross section of people looking for a wedding photographer. When you look at my work you will know if I’m for you and if you are I look forward to a great collaboration with you.

In my personal life I love music, motorsport, mountain biking, climbing and going to art galleries . I Dj and put on music events under the banner of PoP uP. Every few months we put on an event and generally sell out Uppermill Civic Hall with a 460 strong audience. I recently had on the seminal Manchester punk band Buzzcocks.

I  have 2 amazing children who are my hero’s. Hannah is working in Thailand teaching English and Bekka shares my studio with me and runs  co owns Sukie’s Wardrobe  fashion clothes shop , the perfect match you might say.

Aside from this I race a classic Lambretta in the British Scooter Sport championship belonging to the brilliant Team Scootopia.

What else can I tell you about myself. I probably like red wine a little too much, I’m a bit partial to chocolate too. I’m often found wandering round art galleries!. I like festivals and have a camper van. If your wedding is away from the North West I will often attend your wedding in my camper van, driving a few days before and getting to know the area i will be shooting in and also getting some shots planned for the day. This keeps the costs of my away travel to a minimum ensuring that no matter where your wedding sis i do not charge for travel.

I love vintage vehicles and motorsport. My family and friends are incredibly important to me and I love them all dearly.


More information on my  Wedding Photography services can be found here. To enquire or to book me for your wedding please use our contact form where you will find more information on pricing.

I love to meet up with our clients so we can really get a feel for who you are as people and so that you can get to know me too. I’m  located in the Uppermill, Saddleworth region of Greater Manchester and is a lovely day I’m right in the heart of a quaint village full of super cute cafes and shops.

If  meeting in Uppermill  is not inconvenient for you, then we are more than happy to meet elsewhere or even Skype depending where you are in the country/world! I love to a lot of travel and I’m happy to travel literally anywhere to photograph your day.