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A photo Booth is great fun for you and your guests of all ages. Even those guests you feel will shy away usually end up embracing it, resulting in some hilarious photographs for you to cherish forever. We supply all the props, including moustaches on sticks, funny glasses, blackboards for personalised messages, vintage china, wigs, animal masks, etc, etc! Its a great way for people to let their hair down and adds to a relaxed wedding vibe. We can customise your booth to fit in with your jobs or any hobbies you may have, we have shot booths using props for firemen, teachers, skiers, footballers and even light painting photo booths (we have done a few of these for LaCoste openings and at The Big Chill).

Our Photo Booth set up has been custom made for us, it’s totally original. The booths look like a fun fair side show and fit in any venue.

For something completely original using our colleagues who build stage sets we can fully build a set at the venue and source the appropriate props. We then creatively lit the sets using video/film lighting so you and your guest can use the Photo Booth all night, the guests can even take their own photographs. For an example of this click HERE .


We use our experience as portrait photographers to help (if needed) with the posing, the photo booth is also lit with professional flash to ensure quality photographs and even lighting of groups. We also use the same cameras we use to shoot weddings and our commercial work so the quality is amazing.

Price: when booked with a wedding. £350 

Price: when booked alone £500

All your images can be printed off as polaroids and presented in your own unique, hand crafted guest book. Your guests can then add their own personal message next to their polaroid image especially for you. The guest book and polaroids cost an additional £150.




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