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Photography tuition manchester

I teache workshops or individual training in a variety of subjects, from basic to more advanced skills. I’m a very patient and understanding teacher. I really enjoys teaching and have done many talks about photography to various groups, I also teach photography in schools and visit companies and organisations to help them get the best images they can from their staff. These prices to an absolute minimum to encourage people to progress in the world of photography . Mid week booking is encouraged due to the weekends heavy workload.

Blogging and Instagram Tuition

If you are a big user of social media you know that photography is important to you, social media is responsible for the incredible rise in popularity for the art form of photography. I can help you get the most from your camera, teach you techniques, composition and editing that will really make your page stand out from the rest. The charge is £170 for a days tuition or £90 for half a day, if you make money from Instagram etc then this surely has to be a good investment in your future.


Get to grips with your camera. Learn how to use the controls to allow for more creative photographs. Build your knowledge of the fundamentals of photography: controlling exposure, depth of field and aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how you can use these to improve your images. Additional well as looking at classic techniques such as composition,  how to use light, looking at colour and lots more  helpful hints and tricks. This is helpful to the starter photographer who is looking to get more enjoyment out of their photography. Its the course for you if you want to get out of auto mode and get the most out of your camera!  This enjoyable course  is held at the studio and out on location.


Have you ever wanted to create perfectly lit professional looking images with a basic studio lighting set up?  This course is a must. We look at the equipment and how to get to grips with it, getting a correct exposure with ease, traditional lighting set ups and how to adapt them to your needs. Its a perfect introduction to studio lighting.


Ever thought of  starting a business in wedding photography? This is a specialist one to one day that teaches you all aspects of wedding photography, including how to pose (or not), finding quirky and interesting angles and how to get the best from your subjects.  And of course many insider tips to ensure your images will wow.


Using a flash off camera will give immensely better images than if  left on the camera. Learn how to use off camera flash creatively for stunning high end  results. Tim will show you what equipment you need, how to use it creatively and quickly to get the right exposure. Learn the basics and how to balance natural and flash light in all situations. This basic course should give you a real grounding – watch your photography fly!


Struggling to get the most out of your recently purchased Compact or Bridge Camera? This course has been designed to help you understand all of the features and functions available in your camera. The course will also include a basic overview of what makes a good photo, so you can be confident when using your camera! Expand your knowledge in camera functions, camera functions and image composition


Photography can be even more interesting at night, opening up a whole new creative world. Learn how to use long exposure and various different light sources to create stunning images that just aren’t possible in the day. Create your own light trail images to match those of the famous Talk Talk adverts.   Master this little known photographic technique See night time with a different perspective! Suitable for all ages and experience levels. There are some tuition images and kind words HERE

light painting tuition

One to One

General Photography, techniques and studio work  and /or Light painting and night time photography workshop (3 hr session)- £90 one person

General Photography, techniques and studio work  and /or Light Painting and night time photography workshop One on One tuition- £170 per day


Half Day (4 hours) Workshop  (2-4 people)- £50 per person

Full Day (8 hours) Workshop (2-4 people)-  £90 per person

Please phone or email to book on a course.   07790 787732

Tim Simpson