Manchester Art Gallery

We have been asked to work along side  international electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at Manchester Art Gallery at the “Recorders Exhibition”.

Highlights of the exhibition include Pulse Room, on show in the UK for the very first time and a major new installation inspired by portraiture and shadowplays, which will turn the gallery’s temporary exhibition space into one of the world’s most advanced scanners.

Saddleworths Tim Simpson Photography have teamed up with film maker Jonathan Lewis to form a group called “The Northern Light Painters” . Our first event was at “The Big Chill Festival” as part of the “Cybersonica” group. Here we photographed people using light painting techniques. The heart on our front page is an example of this  and does not employ any Photoshop editing techniques. It’s at “The Big Chill”we were picked up to work with Rafael.

On Oct 1st we will be in the atrium at the gallery from 6-9pm in our purpose made light tent, please come along and you can take part in this unique event.