Recently we have been..

Aside from the wedding work this summer, we have been involved in  art documentary work, light painting (including workshops)  and portraiture, oh and getting to grips with the intricacies of  the planning process.

Check out the main blog where we talk about producing a light painting workshop at the Manchester Art Gallery, working along side  international electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at as part of the Recorders Exhibition. This comes on the back of light painting and documentary work at “The Big Chill Festival” (Tim also DJ’d,  a good weekend was had by all)

For part of the Manchester Weekender we photographed work for the show at the Mad Lab in the Northern Quarter in Manchester- .  part of the weekender we documentedThere was a great piece of work called “floating points”, which we documented as part of the Weekender Festival. This was a piece of work by Jenny Southern which was duplicated in Canada. Some of these photographs along with the photographs which were taken in Canada are exhibited in the Mad Lab for all to see.

We had a great evening working for Peshkar on the “Gun and Knife Crime Project”

After a little initial reticence these young people really got on board and made it a very rewarding experience, thanks guys. This work was commissioned by the Home Office. Its good to know that this work will be seen by people there

Today we met up with the Chief Executive of the British Institute of Professional Photography for a very rewarding mentoring session. Tim is going for a Licentiateship and was told that his body of work is strong and he has the work to go in for this. Whilst there is a lot of work to do for this,Tim has to present 20 prints to a panel, 10 from a single wedding and 10 from various weddings, the Chief Executive was very impressed with the work and is confident that Tim will pass with flying colours.

In a few weeks we are documenting lots of activites during a Library week in Oldham. The outcome of this will be an exhibition of our work, we are really pleased and proud  to document this worthwhile project.

Tim was lucky enough to get a few of his photographs published  this year and has also contributed to the “faces in places” book coming out next year and is very much looking forward to seeing his work hang in a gallery in California as part of a Lomo exhibition being curated at the moment.If you don’t know what ” Lomography ” is it’s a style of photography that uses film and is quite vintage looking whilst still managing to look very current.There are a few digital progammes that try to emulate the “Lomography” look you but really need to  use film to get an authentic look. Tim also uses a medium format film camera{Hassleblad} for many of his Black and White wedding shots as digital photography is still not as good at B+W as film is,he says” it’s this small attention to detail that makes all the difference”.


Here’s some images you may recognise from some recent publications.



Thanks for being all the way down here in the blog post, by way of a reward we will put some of our lightpainting shots here. Quite a few are going to be used for advertising by various companies so really this is a sneaky peak, don’t tell anyone though, let it be our secret.