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Hope you like what you see so far, in the gallery to my right you will see some of my work, highlights from some of the amazing days I have had the priviledge of collaborationg on. Please click on my BLOG to lots more images from my recent weddings. I only shoot 6 weddings a year to ensure that the creativity and quality is always there. If you would like to chat over any aspect of your day please get in touch HERE. I have shot well over 200 weddings and won many top awards. Basically if you would like your day covered in an artistic way but with minimum impact to the natural flow of the wedding we may be able to work together.

Rock the Wedding Dress at Lyme Park, Cheshire. Feel like a star for another day.xx

What a fabulous day this was for everyone – you just can’t believe how fast the day goes when you’re on a rock the frock photography shoot and you’re having this much fun. Noor had approached us for this shoot. She had got married in the Lake District, having picked a photographer up there. Noor was just brilliant, she loved walking through Lyme park  in Cheshire, we had brought some Champagne and cider for her shoot (which she shared with us) and private time with her husband Mark. We were approached by a man with a dog – a gorgeous poodle,which turned out to be quite nervous – bless, she slipped her gorgeous shoes off for a paddle in the lake, and rolled around in the beautiful Autumn sun kissed leaves. Aaaaah, Heaven!

After that we went to The Peak District, near Hathersage in Derbyshire to get some  photos in a sun bathed glade of Silver Birch trees…. a perfect end to a perfect day.

It’s great to have the time to use some fashion style lighting and techniques. Wedding photography at Lyme Park was a such good fun, away from the pressures of the wedding day you really get the chance to enjoy the beautiful dress you chose for your big day, lets face it it’s not as stain free as it was when your bridesmaids  dressed on your wedding morning. Why not feel like a star for another day and Rock your dress with us. Even if we haven’t done your wedding  photography (we must have all been booked on that day,right!!) you’ll feel like a princess for another day, Rock that Frock…

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