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Hope you like what you see so far, in the gallery to my right you will see some of my work, highlights from some of the amazing days I have had the priviledge of collaborationg on. Please click on my BLOG to lots more images from my recent weddings. I only shoot 6 weddings a year to ensure that the creativity and quality is always there. If you would like to chat over any aspect of your day please get in touch HERE. I have shot well over 200 weddings and won many top awards. Basically if you would like your day covered in an artistic way but with minimum impact to the natural flow of the wedding we may be able to work together.

Sarah and Neil’s Wedding Photographs from The Inn at Whitewell

It’s all in the details and Sarah’s attention to detail really set her and Neils wedding apart. That and choosing the stunning Inn at Whitewell. The Inn is set in the Trough of Bowland at the foot of The Lake District, the venue oozes history, is famed for its food and the view over the river with hills of the Lake District filling the horizon surely must be one of the best in the country.

We have never seen a bouquet quite like Sarah’s. It’s certainly a bouquet you would’t try and catch, it was made of metal! It contained a collection of sentimental items such as a watch (set to the time of the wedding ceremony) and a broach belonging to Sarah’s Grandma. Sarah was in her lovely room getting ready when we met her in the morning. Also in attendance were her close family (two bridesmaid daughters, looking fab), makeup and hairstylist. We photographed the preparations and Sarah’s dress and shoes etc. It must have been quite a task to get everything to match the bouquet but Sarah certainly had managed it with some style.

Neil and his best men were meeting and greeting people downstairs at the Inn, they were all very relaxed, we took some photographs as the guys did and impromptu piano recital!

It was soon ceremony time in the beautiful St Michaels situated right next to the Inn, there were some nerves evident but Niels a pretty cool character so all was well. The moment a groom sees his bride for the first time is always an emotional moment and a great photo opportunity.

After the ceremony we took a short walk down to the stepping stones and took some photographs of the bride and groom together. This is always such a nice time as it’s the first opportunity (and sometimes the only opportunity) a couple get to have together during the day. It was soon then back for the meal, The Inn at Whitewell is famous for it’s food, and speeches. Well we say speeches, the best men were more of a comedy double act with a well rehearsed polished performance of an “A-Z of Neil” complete with powerpoint presentation and props. Well done lads it was superb.

During the evenings entertainment we set up our lights outside and used some of our props to photograph the guests in various poses. We then did our light painting party piece which always goes down a storm with the amazed onlookers.

Great wedding and a great couple, it was a real pleasure to be part of their big day.


The Inn at Whitewell

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