The Upwaltham Barns Wedding of Emma and Bret



Last week found us back at the brilliant Upwaltham Barns to photograph Emma and Bret’s super cool relaxed wedding. Upwaltham Barns is just the perfect place for us, there is always something new to catch your eye although Emma alone is all you need really for a great image. As photographers we draw our influences from a broad range of the arts, we know our style is not for everyone and that’s good as far as we see it. I guess its a small percent of the “getting married” population that that get what we do ( a lot of these people seem to get married at Upwaltham Barns!), Bret and Emma get what we do and brought a considerable amount of creativity to the table also, the result is what we think are a glorious set of images that do this super lovely couple justice, many of these images were shot using film with a few from our trusty Hasselblad.

Really this was a re-wedding as Bret and Emma were married a few years ago in a small private ceremony always with the intention to have a do that everyone could join in later down the line. Its been a few years as this jet setting couple now live in the States due to Bret’s job as a film score writer. Music was in evidence all day with the fab Washboard Resonators providing a bluesy folky backdrop to the proceedings and a great live band to finish the day off.

Lets let the images do the talking here as we feel that they really capture the warmth of they day and the positive attitude that Bret and Emma exude, people had travelled from all over the world to be with this talented, creative fun loving couple and its easy to see why they would.


Emma and Bret we wish you all the happiness in the world in your future adventures, it was a real privilege to share some of these moments with you.



wedding photography on film
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Flowers by Wild Willow

Cake by my bridesmaid Ione Bayne (Twit Twoo Bakery)
Daytime music by The Washboard Resonators

Evening band Kings of Midnight

Art for tables by Cally Conway
Humanist ceremony by Ginny Collins
Hair and Makeup by ID


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  • Emma and BretonSeptember 13, 2016 - 6:21 pm

    Tim and Amanda we cannot thank you enough for creating these beautiful images! We both love them more than we can say and cannot wait to see the rest of them! Thanks for being a part of our day and helping us to capture it xx