Vintage Makeover in our Uppermill Studio

Our studio was built in 1802 and has lots of original features,  so it’s a great venue for a vintage makeover experience. We also have lots of Vintage Props to add interest to the pictures. For Kerry and Tracy we had 2 makeup and hair artists who did a fantastic job creating pin curls and re-creating the make-up of the glamorous 1940’s and 1950’s. We took lots of care and attention with the lighting and directing the posing and we think this really shows. The shoot started off with tea in pretty vintage china sat in our gallery. We them moved to the studio and had lots of fun posing in there. There were a few costume changes and the make up and hair was touched up. Their confidence grew as the day went on. In the end they both ended up doing full pin-up style kicks and really enjoying themselves and we love the final photographs which have had a Vintage Glamour Edit. We think they look gorgeous!

Prices start from as little as £30 each for a party.

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