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Hope you like what you see so far, in the gallery to my right you will see some of my work, highlights from some of the amazing days I have had the priviledge of collaborationg on. Please click on my BLOG to lots more images from my recent weddings. I only shoot 6 weddings a year to ensure that the creativity and quality is always there. If you would like to chat over any aspect of your day please get in touch HERE. I have shot well over 200 weddings and won many top awards. Basically if you would like your day covered in an artistic way but with minimum impact to the natural flow of the wedding we may be able to work together.

Serena and Andrew at Heaton Hall Farm

We knew straight from the off that Serena and Andy’s wedding at Heaton House Farm was going to be an intimate and friendly affair. We had previously done an engagement shoot with the lovely couple, so we felt like we knew them  already, so we just got right into the shooting where we left off really.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Serena (looking radiant as ever!) and the bridesmaids who all had a sure air of excitement about them. We had an eye on how the weather would play out as it was forecast extreme wind and rain from the aftermath of hurricane Bertha that day! After a scout around outside, however, we noticed several semi sheltered areas in the gorgeous grounds of Heaton House Farm, including a very alluring large tree stood in its own overlooking the horizon- it was screaming for a couples photo!

After the tour and scouting of locations, we popped in to get some preparation shots of Serena and the bridal party which included jumping on the bed and having a cute cuddle up under the covers. We noticed the closeness of Serena and Andy’s family so we were keen to get this across in the images. Serena’s dress (1 of 2!) was a very elegant, fitted lace number with beautiful sleeves and was finished off with a gorgeous pair of delicate shoes. We also had a check in with Andy and the Groomsmen to catch them getting ready together, which was a lovely time as we got to see how close Andy is with his many groomsmen (obviously a popular chap!).
When the wedding party were fully kitted out in her wedding gear, it was on to St Mary’s church- a beautiful grand church in Leek. The ceremony was so nice to watch (and photograph) and afterwards the sun even came out for some confetti shots!
Back to Heaton House farm we went for some good food, celebrations and a whole lot of dancing!
When we first arrived back, we grabbed the opportunity to get some über creative and romantic styled couples shots with Serena and Andy, we were certainly blessed with the weather that day.
Then after the grub and heartfelt speeches (which were mad even more heartfelt by the many family members who had travelled as far as china to join the celebrations!) it was time for some serious partying.
Serena changed into her second dress- a beautiful Grecian style gown with crystal embellishments- so we took some time to take a few shots outside again in the beautiful landscape. The lads then grabbed us for a very surprising group shot which involved a pile-on, an ‘oops upside your head’-esque moment and some trouser-less groomsmen- we shall say no more!!
We had a blast with Serena an Andy and wish them the very best in their inevitably wonderful future together 🙂 congratulations you two!


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