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Hope you like what you see so far, in the gallery to my right you will see some of my work, highlights from some of the amazing days I have had the priviledge of collaborationg on. Please click on my BLOG to lots more images from my recent weddings. I only shoot 6 weddings a year to ensure that the creativity and quality is always there. If you would like to chat over any aspect of your day please get in touch HERE. I have shot well over 200 weddings and won many top awards. Basically if you would like your day covered in an artistic way but with minimum impact to the natural flow of the wedding we may be able to work together.

The Crow Hill Wedding of Matt and Claire

Our first wedding at Crow Hill this year is going to be a hard one to beat thanks to Claire and Matt. Its been way too long since Last Decembers wedding of  Jess and James at this fantastic local venue. We have managed to console ourselves by over the winter winning “Wedding Photographer of the Year“, voted by fellow Pro Photographers so you could say we came into this wedding with a bit of a swagger, not too much you understand its not gone to our heads, obvs !

We should let the images do the talking on this one but definitely worth a mention is the fact that these two are totally made for each other. The little supportive looks, touches and hugs they were giving each other all day was really warming, they are a real match. They were fun too, lots of fun and really relaxed. They had a great bunch of mates, Claire was having such a laugh with her bridesmaids  during the preparations, swapping  jokes and dancing right uptown ceremony time. Matt too was super relaxed as were his groomsman, playing Fifa on the playstation and having the odd drink, the perfect way to spend the morning 🙂

Also worth a mention was the ultimate ice breaker during the ceremony. Just as Claire arrived at the front of the ceremony room looking utterly stunning and they both turned to face the registrars Matts phone went off!! Everyone was in fits of laughter, non more so than Claire showing just what a perfect match they are really.

So as I said I think the pictures can tell a better story that I can, I hope you enjoy them and Matt and Claire I’m positive your lives together will be a love filled adventure, you are both fab.

Love from the Simpsons x




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