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Hope you like what you see so far, in the gallery to my right you will see some of my work, highlights from some of the amazing days I have had the priviledge of collaborationg on. Please click on my BLOG to lots more images from my recent weddings. I only shoot 6 weddings a year to ensure that the creativity and quality is always there. If you would like to chat over any aspect of your day please get in touch HERE. I have shot well over 200 weddings and won many top awards. Basically if you would like your day covered in an artistic way but with minimum impact to the natural flow of the wedding we may be able to work together.

Rebecca and Gary’s wedding at Talking Point and The White Hart, Saddleworth.


Rebecca and Gary approached us some time ago to capture their intimate wedding at the Talking Point venue followed by the library room in the White Hart in Lydgate. They wanted us to capture the ceremony and the up to the speeches to document their day. This was a  local wedding, quire a rarity for us. Rebecca arrived in a gorgeous Vintage Beetle Cabriolet, she had booked this car as a surprise, it was  the car that she had when she first met Gary. She looked amazing in her 50’s inspired dress from Isla Jean (one of our favourite dress suppliers) whilst her daughter wore a zingy pink dress. There were a few tears as the guests caught site of them coming down the aisle.
After the ceremony, there was time to capture some shots within the beautifully converted church and outside before heading to the White Hart. During this short journey we photographed the Beetle in action,  we just managed to get a shot framed by the blossom trees which were prettily lining the end of the street.

There was just time to capture some shots opposite along a grassy stone walled lane high in the Saddleworth hills and love the relaxed shots against the handsomely weathered wooden 5 bar gate.

This was a very happy, smiley and loving wedding and we were so pleased to be a a part of it. Rebecca and Gary are a lovely couple who live in the next village to us – we hope to bump into them again in their wanderings as Mr and Mrs! Many congratulations and we wish you a very happy future together from us all.

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  • RebeccaMay 22, 2014 - 9:24 am

    We are soo pleased with these photographs, they
    capture the spirit of our day completely- love
    and much happiness shared with all those who
    mean the world to us .
    Thank you !